Monday, October 16, 2006

Odds, ends, and oddities.

I have tried to apply myself to start the week with a productive outset. I'm currently going through my cabinets and tossing non-essential, I wouldn't say garbage, but let's just say, non-purposeful objects, and some other junk. Haha.

Highlights of my journey into the past:

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Pencil Sharpeners -> Casey Jones and Leonardo? Bye bye

-Lots of pencil sharpeners

-Stamps -> I didn't realize I collected these before, but there wasn't a lot

-Holiday Cards -> There's a Valentine's Day card marked from "O-zone". I honestly don't know who that is, or ever will know. I wasn't aware we were using handles in elementary school. It wasn't cool back then... and it's still kinda odd to refer yourself as your online handle in real life. Oh, there was some 10+? year candy stuck in there too... It's pretty rock solid now though... sticking onto the envelope

-a neon-green/neon-pink Cathay Pacific fanny pack

-really old drawing books -> I made pretty odd drawings, most had to do with flying ships, bombs, and explosions!

-Dragonball Z cards

-a COMPLETE listing of saturday morning cartoons, their times, and channels from about 13 years ago

-a "Where in Space is Carmen San Diego?" pc game -> they're so old that they are on 3.5" floppies

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