Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Re/De - jected

I got a response back from Google. So... yeah, in short, I got a "no". Why does it seem like the more they try to make it sound non-offensive that you feel worse? *shrug*

Oh well, like someone told me... If this door has closed, then another window has opened. So now I have to go out and buy a hoodie, some sneakers, and some tools to prep myself and step up to Breaking and Entering into other jobs/companies.

I really wanted to get hired at Google, I think I'd fit well there. I'll try applying again later. I've been thinking though about how I'm applying for UI design positions. The problem is, I'm not going in with an Interactive Arts/Design degree, compared with probably everyone else who are applying for those positions. I'm a dark horse from the get go, and I'm an in-betweener. This leaves me in a pretty bad situation. I'm not fluent enough in my programming anymore to be able to qualify for a programming position and I'm not aptly educated for a design job.

I munched on that for a while and thought about applying to SFU Surrey for the SIAT program in January. Exactly like last year, I thought of this too late and screwed myself since the deadline just passed and I wouldn't be able to get into the program until next September, since they don't offer Summer term. I talked to Cam and he was talking about Stanford's unique or Institute of Design. That would KICKASS. Yet... it's not actually a stand-alone program. And... I checked Stanford's FAQ. They won't allow students who've graduated from an undergrad program somewhere else take an undergrad program at Stanford. That absolutely SUCKS. But I could go into a graduate program there.... but I have no idea how this dschool functions and I'm assuming it's only a certain offering of courses as opposed to a full design program. Plus the hassle of having to do SATs and all that, I'm not sure it's a good option.

But... looking for a design school may be a good option for me now. I'm not well-versed in design schools. So I'm actually in a bad position to try that. I'm looking for one that offers a full bachelor's degree, or something that's a little more complete in terms of education, not just some 6-month certificate program that does nothing to enrich the mind.

If I had gotten this response sooner, i'd probably be headed back to Manila tomorrow with my parents. I could go with them to Shanghai! Gah.... and I was talking to my sis earlier. She said we could go to Singapore in November too. Hmm.... I could go back myself... but I'm probably not in a stable mindset to be making decisions right now. Just gotta take it slow. Slow.

I need calmness.

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