Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Disturbing dream. I can't recall much details.
I was in some costume? or was my wife?

We were walking down a street... then near some people, she cried about how she was being raped. It was nonsense, but she had scars on her face. Of course nothing had happened to her, but the scars which were fake marked her face as someone to be taken seriously. I could feel scratches on my arm forming... weaving creating waves of blood. My hands had no choice, they started scratching in the same weave pattern. I scream,
It is not fear, it is terror. At my inability to control anything I saw or felt.

I pass out.

I cannot remember waking up, or even coming to. The first memory is of me carrying my wife's slender body in my arms curled. I realize that she's naked. And so am I. It's cold. We're in some damp concrete building structure. It's fairly closed in. Cars. Lines. Parking Lot. I clumsily walk around my unconscious wife, hiding, dodging behind car to car, careful not to be seen. Need to escape. Where are we?

It seemed like hours trying to navigate a parking lot. It seemed as if there were at least 20 floors. Is this some kind of office building? Hotel? I see a stairwell and some people who looked like they worked for the building. Three of them were moving something from a utility closet. I approach. "Excuse me, do you have any towels?" "Are you staying in the building sir?" "Yeah...uh... on the 6th floor" The fellow immediately hands me some towels.

I wrap one around myself and the rest around my wife. Not as cold now. I move through the stairwells to a different floor before the employees were able to do anything. Rest. I was tired just from carrying my wife's body. "It's alright as long as she's okay", I think in my fragile state of mind. Footsteps. Men in suits. Elevators. People are creating a search grid. Time to move.

I move up a stairwell and then go back out into the parking area. It's dark. We're harder to find out here. Who are these men in suits. Are they here to capture us again? Voices, they're getting louder. Oh no, gotta move. We're gonna be seen here. "chhk, I found them" off in the distant. Crap.
I see another stairwell... it's an open area? i go up. oh no, suit. I come back down... then I realize this section of the building isn't closed, with an open ceiling in a corner. No wonder they could see us.
I back away.... too late, nowhere to run. Helicopters in the background. *chuggachuggachugga*

A man in a suit approaches from the helicopter... I back away still. I see a little girl coming behind him... Casey? My daughter? ...My daughter! Casey!.... I shout out at her "Casey!" The man says "it's alright, Mr. Menckel? Jamie Menckel?" (I'm not sure if the last name was right... it was something along those lines). I nod not in agreement, but in confusion. I look at Casey who is hugging my leg. My wife is starting to wake up...

I honestly don't know what that means or anything... I don't understand it, I don't anything it.

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