Friday, November 17, 2006

Internet companies/technologies to watch out for

I was looking around CNN and ran into this compilation of the web's hottest companies. It really is a step towards the "Web 2.0" we keep hearing about. The technologies these companies are developing are what will make the Internet progress towards a more unified and productive tool of the Internet. It's a good look if you're interested what the techies or the geeks are using, since the general public still doesn't know about most of these since they don't know about them, or they have no use for them right now. But they will... soon...

25 Hot new tech companies

Now... to come up with a service of my own. That's what I need to do! mmmmm....

Apparently, there's some water advisory here in the Vancouver area. Because of the amount of rain we've received, the water is deemed to be unfit to drink. They recommend to boil before you drink. Weird.

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