Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Food for food, and thought.

I often have a difficult time expressing how people need to be multi-disciplinary, adaptive, and open-minded. This article, titled Creativity 2.E, talks about the "new" way of thinking which is also outlined elsewhere like Newsweek as the new way of creating effective development teams in business, marketing, and design, since all of these disciplines are interconnected in the result end product.

I'm craving some oyster motoyaki since Sunday night...

... and on the subject of culinary creations, I missed the episode of Restaurant Makeover yesterday! Yes, I don't really watch that show, so not that much of a surprise. But, my cousin is the subject of that episode, thus I feel I need and want to watch it. I couldn't understand FoodTV's silly TV schedule time listings, until I realized that they only air once, as in, the airings for EST are the same for PST. They don't have different airings for different timezones so it got a little mucky. Hopefully, I can still catch that episode since it seems like it's going to be rerun at the end of the week. Check out Restaurant Makeover: Cafe Asia if you want to watch my cousin re-design [his?] restaurant.

Just a note, the restaurant is in Toronto on Front St. It WAS pretty bad when I went... which was about 2 years ago. Let's just say the restaurant was having an identity crisis, it's sold, Chinese dimsum, ice cream, liquor, a couple of other things, and last time I checked it was Filipino/Chinese cooking. But that was a long time ago. I'm sure the makeover helped a lot.

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are you staying over there for the holidays?