Friday, April 27, 2007

Soldier immigration

I just saw this on The Colbert Report yesterday. It's kinda funny and yet it's sounds like something that might hold some weight because it's so absurd. It's about the US' two major problems of lack of troops and the issue of illegal immigration. Well the concept was to offer legalized immigration for serving time in the military, but more specifically the current need of troops in Iraq. It's 2 problems that potentially could solve each other and make the US the benefactor at the end killing two birds with one stone.

It's a little silly, but the fact that Colbert brought it up just makes it even more absurd. But that's why it sounds so reasonable. The US can't possibly come up with that number of troops/new drafts, and there's still no way to control the influx of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border. There's also the existing illegal immigrants which still amounts to a lot. A lot of troops that is!

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Anonymous said...

heeey i thought of this WEEKS ago...also i thought of putting criminals to work as serving their time in iraq...but then i thought it's not that smart to put weapons in the hands of criminals... lol