Friday, April 13, 2007


I just started watching the 4400. It's a really interesting show to say the least. The choice of Vancouver as a filming choice definitely weighs as both as a pro and a con for me. I love to see them filming here, but I really couldn't take the show seriously with all the different locations of the story when I know that they're all just different buildings at UBC.

The choice of music is pretty similar to what I listen to, a little bit of dramatic flair with Nara by ES Posthumous, but a little redundant. The acting seems like a second rate sci-fi show, but the writing is pretty captivating. I love the little choices of morality, and the decisions of regarding the 4400 as humans or not. The show just reminds me of the X-men cartoon so much. I'm somewhat hooked, and I'm a little disappointed at how few episodes there are.

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