Friday, April 06, 2007

On-the-fly blogging

I just heard about this concept. People are getting sick of myspace? Apparently they are shifting to something that's even more erratic and constantly messaging you now with new services where you can notify where you are and posting useless notes about what you are currently doing/feeling. I'm not just what type of social journalism society is going to create by exploring this type of technology, but I am certain it will be socially disruptive.

Sites like Twitter or even Google's Dodgeball has somewhat of a networking/community attraction. It's something that's never been tried before and truly brings people together, synchronize, and perhaps share a bubble of consciousness so that you always know what your friend is doing. I view this as destruction of privacy though, but then I guess this is what the users of those services actually want. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept, and I will concede that Google's Dodgeball is very useful if you just want to see if anyone is in your vicinity and invite them to come visit you. Yet, time will tell if social networking will actually advance society by integrating technology, or simply just creating another distraction that people will find a burden onto themselves.


Me said...

if you mean am i at the big apple, nope i am still down in dc.

Me said...

ONE DAY i will be hahahaha