Thursday, April 24, 2008


I woke up this morning from a dream so vivid because a girl was causing me physical pain with an iron grip, yet entranced in a magical stare. My forearm still felt like it was still being pincered by the girls razor sharp nails. Upon waking up, I looked down at my arm completely convinced that it would be bleeding and have slivers of skin peeled up by the human claws.

The last three weeks have caused me to suffer Mac withdrawal while my Macbook Pro has been under repair. Well, I got it back yesterday, and while the extremely long wait frustrated me. "I'll never buy Mac again, their service sucks" are words I rescind. It may have been due to production/supply changes/lost order or whatever, but I finally got my hard drive replaced. Only it wasn't the same. My original hard drive was only 100GB, but the replacement drive I received is 200GB. I guess it's fair only to ignore the long wait since I got a free upgrade. It may only have been a luck of the draw because they no longer make 100GB HD's for Macbook Pro's, which is the most likeliest reason. w00t! Back to mac!

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