Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Oh, it pours when it pours.

Last week, as in my previous post; my Macbook Pro failed. And now... my internet at home is dead. I'm still going through Mac withdrawal, but who knows what will happen after I get hit with internet withdrawal at home.

I've managed to entertain myself pretty well without my net. The Best of Sherlock Holmes has been a good read, and I'm sad I finished it so quickly. Now I want to read all the other stories that weren't included in this book.

I was really annoyed when I found out that my connection was still broken last night. I thought it might have just been Telus' usual spurts of broken connectivity when I was internet-less on Monday. Telus tech support took 20 minutes before I got connected to an agent. And even then, they were useless. I'm stating it now. Telus = useless (except maybe when it's working).
I stumped the agent because he wasn't able to figure anything out for me because they couldn't access the telephone account that I use for my ADSL. I half expected it, and I didn't bother telling the tech that we no longer had Telus phone lines. haha. So, I don't have any other choice but switch to Shaw anyways. Hmm.. which Shaw probably expected when they said we could still use our Telus ADSL (with the knowledge that we'd have to switch over when Telus' ADSL breaks down on us).

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