Thursday, April 03, 2008

Penny Arcade Vs The Industry

I just finished reading an article from Wired interviewing the guys at Penny Arcade regarding digital distribution.
From what I've read correctly, that's going to be ingenious if they are really allowing for a game key to be distributed among different platforms. A la, having to pay for the same game on different systems. It's ridiculous and if I am given the freedom to be able to play on a different system, when I want, then it's giving more power to the people. Do I really own something if I am forced to buy it multiple times just so I can use it at different situations for the SAME content?

I'm also intrigued with the idea of creating a new digital distribution platform as opposed to existing ones like Steam. Steam is alright, only because it allows the user to be free from having to own a physical copy of the game to still retain the ability to play it again. Being able to download on demand is great. Other than that, it is a pain having to consistently update their platform. I'm hoping Greenhouse will break the mold and bring a new age of freedom. With the guys at Penny Arcade at the helm, or co-helm, I'm sure it will.

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