Sunday, April 06, 2008


If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then I must be paving the road to the apocalypse or something... I think I'm on a record breaking spree as of now. I broke a sprinkler handle while washing the car on the weekend, and while I was out there doing some cleaning, I went to mow the lawn. Oh of course, I ran the blade into some kind of pipe and broke the blade and the pipe as well. I seem to be earning my title of "Smasher" quite handily.

I went to the Vancouver International Auto Show today, not as much excitement as it usually gets, but still a lot of nice concept cars to look at. The weirdest has to go to the Ford Airstream, which is similar to a standard Airstream, but built more like a luxury car inside rather than an Airstream RV.
The Audi R8 seemed like it had the highest amount of traffic and attention in the central display area, it looks so awesome. It makes you wonder about Audi trying to push their boundaries of sport luxury sedans to a higher (and better) level for their brand.

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