Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 10 - Würzburg

Today was a really short day. There isn't that much to see in Würzburg except for the palace, the Würzburg Residence. The tapestries and murals inside the palace were truly amazing. It's a shame that photography isn't allowed inside the building as the paintings are something to behold. The massiveness of the murals on the ceilings, the stucco work, and the intricate tapestries are incredible and work I haven't seen before in other castles. You can take a look at some images of the rooms online such as the Staircase, the White Hall, and the Imperial Hall.

We walked through the market area/downtown of Würzburg where there are numerous churches with really different types of styles including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern. My sister and I spotted a WMF store in the town and we had to drop by to buy something. =D I love WMF

After our shopping stop, we walked over the Würzburg's Old Main Bridge (Alte Mainbrücke) that was lined with statues of people from German history. It's a little reminiscent of the Charles Bridge in Prague. (The group split, so my dad and sis opted for a wine tasting and they got some local Franconian wine.)

Nothing too much to see in Würzburg though it may also have been that we didn't get enough time. We also opted out of an optional excursion to Schloss Weikersheim. I think we have seen enough castles already. :/

Wowz. Tonight's "Epicurean Adventure" dinner was a little crazy. They served 3 different wines over a 6 course meal of traditional German dishes.

Random Notes
-The German locals apparently have an issue in differentiating whether they are Franconian or Bavarian.
-Our Serbian waiter taught us how to say hvala, or 'thanks' in Serbian

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