Friday, August 19, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 12 - Aschaffenburg/Frankfurt

Today was a quick tour around the town of Aschaffenburg. A castle, and lots of small churches. We took an interesting tour through the prominent castle that is symbolic of the town, the Schloss Johannisburg. One of the most interesting displays inside the castle is a cork museum with the largest rendition (in cork) of the Colisseum from Rome.
The castle has the usual things to see as well: furniture, cabinets, paintings, but it also had an interesting collection of china, guns, and cups/glasses.

We had an early departure of 12:30 so we decided to end the morning with pints of the local beer, Schleppe-Sappel. The beer isn't really to my taste, I was more preferential of what our tour guide Silke ordered, a radler, a mixed drink, of half Schleppe-sappel and half citrus.

Our boat had a second arrival port today. We arrived in Frankfurt at around 6:45pm. After dinner, I took a walk around downtown Frankfurt. I'm not really sure where we were walking around, but we walked down Neue Kräme and walked through some really nice plazas. Most of the shops are already closed but I was really happy window shopping. There was a lot of nice design/furniture/lighting shops in the area. I also got to participate in an interesting art installation I walked by. It was called "Limelight", I think. The installation has a pair of spotlights shining light down on a spot in an open area, though the area was very dark already. There were two "artists" filming the spot and the point of the installation was to record/film the people who interacted with the spotlights.

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