Monday, August 15, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 8 - Nuremberg

Yum yum. Today was a delicious food day. In the morning on the boat, they offered a special apple beignets for breakfast. It was delicious. I'm so far been really impressed with the food service on the boat. My guess is that since it's a smaller boat, there are less people to cook for so the chefs can personalize and pay more attention to each dish (as opposed to bigger cruise ships, which have thousands more dishes to cook and thus lose quality control on higher volume).

Nuremberg(Nürnburg) is a city in Southern Germany, second largest city in the German state of Bavaria (next to Munich)
The first stop on our city tour of Nuremberg was the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. We started the day with a tour of all the Nazi related sites of Nuremberg as the city is very tightly linked to Nazi history as the site of the rallies as well as being the location of the Nuremberg war trials were conducted. We also visited the site of the incomplete Nazi rally grounds that was only partially constructed (that is now the site of the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände /Documentation Centre). Got to take a quick glance at the building where the Nuremberg war trials were held (courtroom 600), but only from the outside.

As there is nothing much to see in this city, the tour included a 30 min stop at St. John's Cemetery to look at some elaborately decorated graves especially of famous Nuremberg citizens such as Albrecht Dürer. Similarly, having a visit to the Kaiserburg Castle or Nuremberg Castle was boring. There wasn't much to see as the castle wasn't really impressive at all (other than the fact that it's a castle), but it did have an awesome view of Nuremberg (as stated by the tour guide of having the best view of the city).

The rest of our day in the city was free time in the Old Town area. We started with eating some delicious Lebkuchen, a gingerbread cookie, from the market stalls in the town square. As it was around lunch time, we opted to stay in the city (instead of going back to the ship) and eat at a local bratwursthaus, Bratwursthäusle. The pork hock was AMAZING, as well as the potato soup, the potato salad, the sauerkraut, and especially the sausages. The bratwursts are DELICIOUS! As is the obvious case as that is what Nuremberg is famous for.

After taking a short walk around the Old Town checking out the stores, eating some gelato, and seeing some of the old bridges in the area like the Fleischbrücke.

If you're ever in Nuremberg, definitely eat some Lebkuchen and Nuremberg bratwursts!
Tomorrow, we're headed to Haßfurt! (I think)

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