Monday, August 15, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 7 - Prague To Nuremberg

Today was a relatively boring day as it was a transfer day. Before our bus departed at 1PM. We got to walk around the downtown area where my family bought some last minute Czech souvenirs.
The bus transport took us from our hotel in Prague across the Czech/Germany border to our cruise boat's dock outside of Nuremberg (or Nürnberg) somewhere in the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal.

We'll be docked here until tomorrow night since there's still a day tour of Nuremberg tomorrow.
Woohoo Germany!

A few notes about the Czech Republic and Prague:
I've made a realization why a lot of my photos inside the old town of Prague always looks good - most of the buildings are yellow, brown, pink - earthy hues which contrast very well with the blue sky, and creates a complementary, or triadic colour scheme.

I'm a little sad that I am ecstatic about seeing all these design principles in real life (that I studied/learned recently at school) and I am unable to have a serious discussion on every little instance and spark of wonder that I have of these moments. I tried to explain the principles of a city built for people and what the instance/example I saw to my sister but the topic goes way above their heads. =/
-Czech counts their floors starting from 0. Anything above, counts up from 1 (so the second floor is 1) and the basement goes negative, so the floor right below ground level is -1 and so forth.
-Every person in Prague rounds the Euro to a different number and basically screws you on the conversion. (So go get your money exchanged with a good rate and try to avoid paying Euro anywhere in the city).

I'm always a little sad when I leave a beautiful and fun city. Also because I don't feel like I've learned enough of the local language. The only words I've learned in Czech are prosím (please) and východ (exit). =/

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