Thursday, August 18, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 11 - Miltenberg

Miltenberg is a small town on the Main, labelled as "Die Perle des Mains" or "the pearl of the Main". We had a walking tour around the old town, though there wasn't much to see except for the main street of Hauptstrasse, the primary shopping lane of the city.
Nearby right outside of town, we visited the Schloss Löewenstein or Lowenstein Castle where we got to take a quick tour around the castle and then have a wine tasting.
On the boat, there was a glassblowing demonstration from Karl Ittig of the Bon Apart Glass Gallery. My dad got a chance to participate in creating a glass ornament and got some free shot of Jägermeister in the process. =D

Tonight's dinner was terrific, but I am absolutely blown away by the dessert. Valrhona Chocolate Soup and Blueberry Sorbet. Well.... YEAH, anything Valrhona is delicious, but I am completely shocked by how good the blueberry sorbet was. (I asked for more =P). I need to learn how to make that sorbet. I will be dreaming of that sorbet for weeks. Sigh.

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