Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Europe 2011 Post-Trip

I love airports. I'm a big fan of seeing different airports and how they differ. I am pretty shocked and confused after seeing Berlin's Tegel Airport, which is considered Berlin's primary airport. It's small. I've been in a lot of international airports and this has to be the smallest one I've been in. From my estimate, I could cross through the whole airport and the various "terminals", though they're more like small hallways, in less than 10 minutes just walking. (Maybe even less than 5 minutes)

I'm glad I got to see this place though as it's reminiscent of old air travel in the 1980s when air travel wasn't a major industry yet. Also, it gives me a glimpse at this airport before it closes next year when it is replaced by the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport next year.

Currently back in Vancouver, though I will be airborne again in less than 9 hours. I thought I had a day to rest since I thought I was arriving yesterday. Oh well.

Important lessons from the trip

Be a traveler, not a tourist
To truly immerse yourself in a culture and to have profound experiences, you need to take the path less travelled. Although we usually travel to places because we are drawn to something they are known for, it doesn't mean we should be a tourist and only see that. We should take the course of serendipity and a walk down a random street, take a look at where the locals would go, sometimes the best things are ones that the majority doesn't know about.

Be a flâneur
Don't always be in a rush. Loiter. Stroll. Absorb your surroundings. You don't always have to be moving or getting somewhere. You are here. Enjoy here. Don't just say "yes, I'm here, now let's go".

Embody the concepts of gezellig
Find inviting places. Be a warm, friendly person. Find fun. Be together with friends and family.

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