Wednesday, November 16, 2011

21DJC Day 11 – Out of Your 5 Senses, Which is the Most Important to You, and Why?

Day 11 – Out of Your 5 Senses, Which is the Most Important to You, and Why?

I don't agree with other people's approach to this question about valuing about which sense you would try to save if you lost your other senses. I would probably answer something different if I needed to choose the sense I would save, but the most important sense to me is my hearing.

The ability to listen is my greatest strength. I am someone who can fully immerse with people through meaningful conversation and although seeing someone is equally as important, being able to hear people express themselves through their voice is just not the same. The art of conversation has the power to create a powerful intimacy that sight cannot replicate.

We hear music and the infinite symphonies, arias, and ballads of audiological expression. The spoken word, poetry and books can be felt through the words heard aloud. The exchange of ideas in an eloquent speech or presentation is delivered through the medium of parlance and elocution.

I will have to go against the grain and choose hearing over sight. That is not to say sight isn't as important, but I believe that is too obvious a choice of convenience. It may be more limiting to function as a person without sight (I have no idea on the validity of that, I'm just assuming), and that with sight, we would still be able to fit into society relatively well, but if we were just answering the choice of favorite sense, I go with hearing. Hearing has much more meaning as a form of communication at the human level. Our voices give us much more ability to express ourselves at a higher level than through our writing or paintings.

The whole act of listening as well and being attentive, to listen actively, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other as people. The act of giving our attention is under appreciated and most of us can not comprehend how much meaning it holds merely to volunteer our undivided attention and awareness. To be heard and to be given the courtesy of respectful engagement is such a rarity in the rush of daily life.

Our ears and our voices are the most primal ways of communication and expression. I believe it allows for one of the most intimate ways of connecting between all of us.

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Katy said...

I've been asked the same question more than a few times.... and I also have chosen hearing over sight! :)