Monday, November 21, 2011

21DJC Day 16 – What Makes You Happy?

Day 16 – What Makes You Happy?

I'm a very empathetic person. I smile I lot when I'm around happy people. I am someone who absorbs the energy from the people around me and so I try to surround myself with individuals who are optimistic and cheerful.

I always look forward to walking into unfamiliar situations. That sense of fear and dread about not knowing is surpassed from the triumph that I feel when conquering the unknown. It's the surprise of meeting new people and always learning a little bit more that I never knew.

I love to learn, so what brings me the most happiness in life is how every little experience shapes me. It either adds a little more, or subtracts a little. Ups and downs are life and I have come to appreciate taking both as equal opportunities. However, if I can influence the world around me, especially the people, I'll try and make an effort so that we're all experiencing ups and being happy together. I love making a difference in someone's day, though I don't do it often enough. Smiles are definitely better when they are shared.

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