Saturday, November 12, 2011

TEDxVancouver 2011 - The Frontier

I think I must have missed something when I attended TEDxVancouver because I didn't understand how the theme of "The Frontier" tied the talks and ideas together. The event was held at UBC's Chan Centre. The theatre is amazing as always (if you've never been there in the concert hall for a concert, you should definitely go to one!) However, there were hiccups with the choice of venue as trying to fit 1000 people into the lobby during the breaks, and lunch was a logistical nightmare as it was simply packed (and probably a safety hazard).

The lineup of speakers was amazing though and I was quite inspired especially with the design speakers such as Jer Thorpe who explains the need to simplify information by visualizing the data in order to bring meaning, and Kara Pecknold describing the design process and the problems with other people assuming they understand the process.

I was especially inspired by the latter speakers at the conference. Christopher Gaze gave a moving soliloquy and rallied the crowd with quotes and scenes by William Shakespeare. Following my own search for my passion in life, Sean Aiken's thoughts on trying new things and not settling on just what we have but actually discovering our true calling and the passion that lies in our hearts resonates strongly with me and it fuels me on to continue my own quest.

The last speaker of the day was Victor Lucas. I have to say that he was a perfect anchor for finishing the conference with his 3D Rules (It was actually 4, but what the hey, it's part of how he presented it), a letter/manual written for his soon-to-be daughter.

Lucas' 3D rules:
1) Don't be a dick
2) Don't dick around
3) Don't hang out with dicks
4) Dream

The final words for the conference delivered a message of how to live. To be a good person and surrounding ourselves with good people, and be focused in our lives. But, most important of all, to dream.

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