Friday, November 18, 2011

21DJC Day 12 – What Are Your Biggest Goals for the Next Few Years?

Day 12 – What Are Your Biggest Goals for the Next Few Years?

The biggest goals for me is to be more happy, find my path, and find my passion.

I've taken the steps to go forward with finding my passion and now to find a more clear path towards fulfilling the passion is my main objective. That initial list may sound like really vague goals, so I guess they are my destinations. The following are more concrete goals towards my path:

1) Get a job in the Interaction Design (IX/UX) field.

2) Travel to 2 new countries every year.

3) Lead a more active lifestyle. Lower my weight to 180 Lbs, exercise more consistently.

4) Healthier eating habits. Cook more, eat more veggies and fruits. (No need to lessen anything else, I
don't really think I have unhealthy eating patterns, just need to increase nutrition)

5) Connect and engage people at a deeper level. Talk to more people.

6) Express myself more through writing/blogging, talking to people, through my design work, and taking more photographs.

7) Be less paralyzed in my daily life. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Live in the now.

I really don't like setting goals like this.

I am someone who likes more general and vague-ish goals because then it allows the possibilities of being more creative for solutions to attain my dreams. The hesitation for setting concrete goals is that I believe it narrows the focus too much on being obsessed with specific tasks. (And also the eventual regret and self-loathing when those tasks don't get done). I believe in just hoping for a better tomorrow and not being too tied down by how I get there.

Ralph Waldo Emerson summed it up the best, "Life is a journey, not a destination".

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