Wednesday, November 09, 2011

21DJC Day 3 – What is Your Ideal Diet Like?

Day 3 - What is Your Ideal Diet Like?

My ideal diet would have to factor in my adventurous nature in trying new foods. I'm also studying into the food-nature relationship reading books from authors such as Michael Pollan and understanding how the food gets from the source to our plates. This would probably lead me to trying to be a locavore and eating not specifically organic, but at least non-chemical/non-preservative based foods.

I would try vegetarian/vegan, but only if I could figure out how to create a wide array of tastes with fresh ingredients. As someone who loves to cook, I find cooking with just vegetables (or just eating raw vegetables) is difficult to create satisfying or appetizing flavours.

If I had the resources available, I would love to have a dietician work with a personal chef to create a personal meal plan for a diet that would be balanced being nutritious, delicious, healthy, and scrumptious.

I don't think I would cut anything from my diet, or if I did, I'd hope I could find some type of alternate option that would taste just as good (or better, obviously).

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