Friday, November 18, 2011

21DJC Day 13 – What Do You Fear Most?

Day 13 – What Do You Fear Most?

The thing I fear the most is that I don't get a chance to fulfil my goals, live a meaningful life, or make a contribution to this world.

My greatest fears are still ironically hindered by fear on a more daily basis, fear causes paralysis of doing things, not being able to live life fully. There lies the battle of how and if the overall fear of the long term effects are strong enough to drive me to conquer my fears on the day-to-day scale.

I have made strides in conquering some of those fears, but it is still a climb running into every obstacle. My philosophy is based on the quote (that I'm not sure who said) of "If you're not living, you're dying". Merely being alive is just surviving, and not everyone who's alive truly lives, and just exist.

I believe we all need to strive and venture to live. To have meaningful lives, to live in the moment and be fulfilled in who we are as people and what we do.

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