Monday, November 21, 2011

Vancouver Startup Weekend 2011 Overview

I volunteered at Vancouver Startup Weekend this past weekend and I got to meet a lot of cool people and saw a lot of great teams come up with interesting projects.

Final Presentations
This is a brief overview of the teams that presented, but you can take a look at each teams videos as posted below. The video isn't the best quality, and some are blurry, but feel free to blame my shaky hands. =)

Congratulations to all the 14 teams that survived the weekend!

Presentation 1: JukeNuke

Mobile phone app that let's the user have an interactive experience with the music in the venue they are in by voting up or voting down songs that are in the playlist of the bar/club that they are in.

Presentation 2: SocialQs

Algorithmic software solution that leverages social media (specifically Twitter) that uses natural language processing to extract user sentiment on products and use that data to predict stock price behaviour

Presentation 3: Distinctivo

Live stream of employee events and applying game mechanics to make work fun

Presentation 4: bagtag
bagtag, @bagtag_tweets

Integrated service to let e-commerce shoppers find out how other shoppers are combining their purchases on a particular product, ie taking a peek at other people's shopping carts who are looking at the same product as you.

Presentation 5: Let's Coffee

iPhone app to be able to meet new people in your area for coffee, and rate how good they are to meet.

Presentation 6: OrganizedGood

Online platform to allow for a dialogue on civic issues and social responsibility to be raised and trigger engagement through offline participation

Presentation 7: epibuy

Digital tablet application that streamlines the purchasing process of products you see on the television program the user is watching

Presentation 8: My Best Helper
My Best Helper

Matchmaker platform to connect people who require caregiving services such as elderly care, pet care, or child care with individuals who are able to provide needed services. E-harmony for caregivers.

Presentation 9: Pay It Forward

Reward and recognition software for companies that uses gamification elements to promote employee productivity

Presentation 10:, @trustdotme

Service that leverages social networks in order to determine the reliability of buyers and sellers in online marketplaces.

Presentation 11: SocialBuzz
SocialBuzz, @SocialBuzz_, SocialBuzz(fb)

Social events data aggregator that leverages twitter data to find out what events in your area are trending or 'buzzing'

Presentation 12: SmartCity

Smartphone app that will allow users to determine the electrical usage of appliances

Presentation 13: Qutie
Qutie App@qutieappQutie(fb)

Virtual monster app on your mobile phone that eats and interacts with QR codes that you find in the real world

Presentation 14: Epic Bets
Epic Bets, @epicbets, EpicBets(fb)

Mobile phone app to allow users to bet against each other on sports events using virtual points

Top Finishers
First place: My Best Helper
Second place: bagtag
Third place: JukeNuke
Best presentation: Epic Bets
Best social cause: OrganizedGood

Honorable Mentions

You can check out photos from my Flickr account from Day 2 and Day 3 below.
Credits to Anand Suchindrum, @spokanand for taking most of these photos

Day 2

Day 3


domant said...

Thanks a lot for recording and posting this. Was great to be there!

I will be sharing this page.

Mike Abasov said...

On behalf of EpicBets team, thanks and yes, it was an amazing experience for everyone!

- Mike