Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This GOOD article on how professor George Parrott walked out on a class after students didn't bring snacks to class. He implemented his snack "rule" a few decades ago in order to foster and encourage closer relationships between the students of a large class. I absolutely believe in this method of using food to bring people together and I do employ the method myself, it is an effective icebreaker to meet and approach people while working on projects at school.

The act of walking out on the class because the rule wasn't followed is a powerful message. I admire his conviction to follow through on his standards of expecting people to have enough mutual respect to just walk out. It's probably a minefield in terms of the school's administration to deal with the situation, but I don't care about that. There isn't enough people nowadays who have enough courage to make an example out of being disrespected. With situations like these, it reminds me that we are allowed to be angry. To be righteous when insulted. 

It can be taken overboard, but I felt professor Parrott has a point and was justified in doing so. We should stand by our convictions and be willing to walk away from a relationship when mutual respect is not followed. This precedent sends a powerful message and I hope the students of his class, and everyone who reads about it, gets it. Respect each other, or don't expect respect in return.

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