Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 11 - Rotterdam Day 1 "That's a lot of meat"

Transition day. We took the local bus towards Schiphol Airport and took the Fyra high-speed train to Rotterdam. Since I don't feel comfortable biking, I opted to just do a walking tour of the city. I split up from the group and did my own tour. (Though I realized later that half of the others weren't able to get bikes because the bikes were too big for them and they also did a walking tour too).

Our accommodations in Rotterdam was the Piet Blom cube houses. I have to say they look really cool and the idea of staying in them was appealing. Though the actual rooms we got to stay in were really crammed. There were 6 of us in one room and it felt like a sardine can. The other room with the other 6 people was a bit nicer because they had 2 levels and it didn't feel as crammed.

I explored the city on a route that went down mostly near the Museumpark area with the Boijmans van Beuningen museum, the NAi, and the Kunsthal. Continuing on towards the south, I walked over the Erasmus bridge and back.

We had our first groep dinner tonight and we all went to Bazar in the Witte de Withstraat. Most of us ordered the Bizar Bazar meat platter where we got a skewer of meat on top of rice and peppers, along with side dishes of Persian style lamb stew with almonds, fried potatoes, yoghurt sauce, and tabouleh.
That was so much food, but sooooo good!

After dinner I decided to go back to the NAi to take some night shots of the hallway and see how the colors lit up at night. To my surprise (and partial disappointment), the hallway was only lit with pink and blue lights instead of the rainbow of colours that I saw in previous reference photos that I saw.

Food Notes
-Bazar is delishhhh

-The Erasmusbrug is a beautiful bridge. I love it!
-The colored NAi hallway at night is an interesting experience

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