Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 18 - Context Filming Day "We are chefs. We have nothing to hide."

This day did not start out too well especially with our scheduling. Our meeting with Daan Roosegaarde had to be rescheduled so planning got shifted and so instead we had a free day and tried to go out to film context footage.

It was not a great day for filming. As we (Yvonne, Justin, Kenneth and I) were heading down to Centraal on the Metro, the sunny day turned wet and it was cloudy and had scattered showers while we were exploring the Jordaan. We walked through the Haarlemmerstraat/weg area in the Jordaan to the Westerpark / Westergasfabriek area. To get away from the rain, we had a short snack at Bagels & Beans. I got a cappuccino and the Tuna Melt on an everything bagel. MMMM So good.

When roaming around, we found a few interesting places like playgrounds with a treehouse. We were definitely looking sketching hiding out in there with our cameras.

We were about to call it a day when we decided to make a detour and go by the De Culinaire Werkplaats. We were taking some photos and peeked in and snooped around outside because they were closed but we could see in. The couple who own the "studio", Erik and Marjolein saw us through the window and they opened the door and welcomed us in. They invited us to take film and photography the kitchen studio slash restaurant. "We are chefs. We have nothing to hide."
I was stunned by what studying Dutch culture would be defined as a very Dutch answer. We were also really amazed when they started talking about their process and philosophy and how they didn't classify themselves as designers though they spoke like they were. Their discussion with us was mind-blowing about how their work is defined by poetic approaches of understanding our food at a deeper level. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but didn't quite get a chance to.

We are hoping to get another chance to go back and interview them as they were open to the idea. They are such a cool couple / designers, or as they label themselves, 'initiators'.

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