Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 34 - Eindhoven Day 6 - Dual Interview Day "Design is to define and redefine"

This was not a good morning. On our way to our first interview of the day, around Strijp-S, I was unfortunate enough to get into a bike accident and took a dive into the pavement. The guy who clipped me hit my back wheel. He barely asked if I was alright before he sped off without any consideration of my well-being. I didn't feel hurt at all, but when I checked later at the first stop, my right knee was scratched up pretty bad.

Post-accident. My bike doesn't look at all damaged.
Our first interview was at Piet Hein Eek. The atelier and showroom were nice (and really piqued my interest for stuff to buy). I wasn't really in the space as the interview was happening as I was tending to my injury, in the washroom applying bandages. Doh.

After the interview, of course we went over to the Piet Hein Eek restaurant (again. :D) for a quick lunch break. Yum yum. I got to try the daily special Truffel kroketjes met ham, truffle croquettes with ham.

Our second interview of the day was fun. We got to interview Jetske Visser at her new atelier. I really appreciated this interview over some of the other ones. Unlike the previous interviews with other designers who are more well established and have had been designing for quite a while, it was great to see design from someone who's coming in from a fresher and younger perspective. She was less clear with her intentions of creating her designs and expresses instead her fascination with exploring the limits of techniques and materials. She is such a nice person and I hope great things for her.

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