Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 26 - Brussels Day 1 "Mussels and fries. Classic Belgian cuisine"

Mmmm... another classic Parisian bakery breakfast. A pain du chocolat and a croissant au beurre

Morning train to Brussels from Paris Nord.

While on the train, Russell was trying to map out the plan for Brussels and he pulled out his giant Michelin map of the city.

Our new accommodations in Brussels was pretty decent. Six to a room was a bit crammed but it felt roomy.

Upon arriving, Vivian H. and I started out our Brussels food adventure and went straight for a Brussels classic, moules frites or mussels and fries.

Afterwards, I had to get some waffles. I got a brown sugar liege waffle from Maison Dandoy.

Upon roaming around the city, we ran into a filming crew that was filming a Molson Canadian commercial. So weird.

Zinneke Pis

For dinner, we found a restaurant while walking. We didn't know it was actually one of the best places to get authentic Belgian food and we were pleasantly surprised. I ordered the carbonnade and I was happily satisfied with the beef stew. Definitely hit up Fin de Siecle if you are in Brussels!

Galeries St Hubert having some event where a restaurant was hosting a party. Wedding reception perhaps?

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