Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 8 - Neighbourhood Extended Filming "Chinoo!"

Today was a lighter day as the team split up the tasks. Vivian and Elan stayed in to work on organizing the footage and start on the editing while Kenneth went to De Pijp to get more context footage of the market and I went to Oosterpark to get more context footage of the park.

It's always a challenge to film context footage of people doing things because it feels stalker-y. I tried to be discreet filming people in the skate park as well as people playing tennis. There was a guy on the bench beside me who I guess noticed what I was doing and wished me good luck.

The majority of my efforts was taking footage of the foliage and greenery as filming people was difficult and most people weren't doing anything interesting. However, when I heard this guy playing his drums, I asked him if I could film him and he was nice enough to let me do so.

I had some other strange experiences in the park though. When I went by a few girls, they started calling me "chinoo". I have no idea what it means or if it is some derogatory slur but I just ignored them and kept walking.

Another incident happened in the park as I heard angry shouts and turned around to see a guy punching another man on a park bench. When I got my camera ready to film, it was already over though and the guy on the bench was slapped by the girl (who was with the guy punching), and the guy in the hoodie walked away.

All in all, an interesting day at the park.

Food Notes
-I don't know what pasta I bought the other day at Albert Heijn, but it tastes delicious and I had it for both lunch and dinner. I thought it was spaghetti, but it's hollow in the middle so I guess may be not exactly. It is called vlugkokende spaghetti from Honig. The sauce I got for it was really good too, it was Sugo Isolana sauce, a tomato based sauce mixed with black olives. I put some slices of varkenvlees or pork on top. YUM!

-the guy playing his drums made my day by allowing me to film him, there was another group of drummers on the other side of the park but I didn't feel as safe approaching them

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