Friday, May 03, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 6 - Get Lost "Hanging at the Rijks"

Today was a cool day that I got to just wander around the city by myself. Our "Get Lost" assignment was to visit a few (three) places by ourselves and make sure we travel a minimum distance and be able to traverse a foreign city individually.

My first stop was the Stopera or Het Muziektheater. This was the easiest visit as all I did was get off the Metro at Waterlooplein. I did see a few of the landmarks walking around the area such as the Jewish Memorial, the Joods Verzetmonument. The Waterloopleinmarket was just setting up and I saw some interesting vendors. The Rembrandthuis museum was also nearby. I was really amazed about how nearby a lot of these landmarks in the city were.

Next stop, I visited the ARCAM or the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture, architectuurcentrum Amsterdam on Prins Hendrikkade. When I got there, I was also surprised again how there were a lot of nearby attractions such as the NEMO, and the Het Scheepvaart Museum. I was really disappointed as the ARCAM doesn't open until 1 so I wasn't able to enter. :(

I worked my way around the northeastern region of Amsterdam. Though originally planning on going through the Artis Royal Zoo / Plantage area, I explored some outskirt neighbourhoods instead. Winding my way to the Sarphatistraat, I was able to finally see the building that I worked on for my IAT233 architectural study on Steven Holl's Het Oosten Sarphatistraat building/extension.

We all met up at the Rijksmuseum at 2pm. We took an hour waiting to get in. The museum is amazingly beautiful and the renovations make this place a wonderful place to just hang around. I would really like to get another chance to go back and just experience the art at a much slower pace.

The "bucket show" street performers outside the Rijksmuseum
Obligatory Iamsterdam tourist photo

As today was Rachael's birthday, Elan baked up a cake for us to celebrate! The chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream was soooo delicious!

Food Notes
-Mmm that chocolate cake with strawberries and coconut shreds + vanilla ice cream was so delish!

-It was great to see some architectural sights. Especially the Steven Holl building as I got to study that building in depth quite a bit.
-The Rijksmuseum is amazing! It has a really varied collection of art and it looks beautiful

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