Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 15 - Market Day "Ham, please"

Today was a great day where I got to check out the Noordermarkt and the Lindengracht Market. I met up with Thomas, Henry, and David and we walked around checking out the wares. There was a lot of interesting products for sale including clothing, vintage trinkets, and of course, FOOD! I picked up some bundles of fresh mint to make some homemade fresh mint tea when I get back home.

The initial plan was to go to the Amsterdam Public Library Cafe to eat lunch, this didn't happen as we smelled the most amazing smells when walking through the Lindengracht Market and we encountered this meat stall where they were selling roasted ham. I got the Broodje Beenham and it is AMAZING. The sandwich comes with freshly roasted ham with some sauerkraut and I topped it off with some mustard on top. The two old guys manning the stall are entertaining as well singing a song about trying to figure out what the items on the menu was as he heard me wondering about what the writing on the menu meant. They also just randomly broke into song and seemed chipper about their work.

Of course, afterwards there was the fresh stroopwaffel stall. I tried out the "espresso" special flavour. It was GOOD! YUMMMMM!

The weather was weird today flipping back and forth between rain and sun. As we were exiting the market, David and I got surprised as one of the awnings from the tents decided to flip over all the water that was collecting up above. We got soaked somewhat but we just had a good laugh.

This store, Daskas, on Haarlemmerstraat is awesome. I walked in and was just really excited to see the design stuff especially the clocks. I've been looking for a clock to buy for my room and I was jazzed to see Braun and Karlsson clocks on the wall. I saw one I wanted to get.... and I hear that the staff was telling a customer at the desk about how they are taking the last one because they need to take it off the wall. They took the Braun clock that I was considering (I think it was this one in white), and now I'm sad because I have to continue my search to find the clock I want.

We met up with Vivian and we went into the Bijenkorf to look for an umbrella that Henry wanted, the Senz. I was super amazed to see how busy this department store was and how high quality the products they offered were. They had really great designer manufacturers for various products and I got pumped when we were in the kitchenware section and I saw some nice Alessi products as well as some Dutch designer wares.

We headed over to Droog before it closed and I bought the Leaves by Richard Hutten as a gift for my mom. It's mother's day tomorrow but I won't be able to get these to her until I get back next month. I'm hoping she will like this gift as she is a hard person to buy for.

For dinner, we couldn't decide where to go so Vivian suggested our standard cafe, the De Stadskantine in De Pijp. I got the meat option and got something chicken with dragonsaus or tarragon sauce. It was alright.

Food Notes
-the fresh grilled ham sandwich at the Lindengracht market is DELISH
-fresh stroopwaffel with espresso flavour at the Lindengracht market = YUM

-food at Lindengracht market = more plz
-checking out the Daskas store and the Bijenkorf was an awesome design shopping experience

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