Friday, May 24, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 28 - Antwerp "What do they sell at Fish & Chips? Clothes"

We were in Antwerp for one day for our interview with Studio Job. The Antwerpen-Centraal train station was gorgeous. Amazing example of iron and glass architecture that can't be found in many places.

 For lunch, I went off on my solo food journey as I wanted to go to Lombardia. This restaurant was highly rated and people didn't want to come in with me because the prices were a little much. I loved the ginger tea they had. It was more like a ginger tea cappuccino. From the owner's recommendation, I also had the warm tuna sandwich with avocado. Mmmmm. So good. Pricey, but delicious, and mostly vegetarian.

Our Studio Job interview didn't go through because of some issues so we went and enjoyed the city in the afternoon. Walked around the downtown area doing some window shopping with the excessive amount of fashion stores in Antwerp. Wowwww.

For dinner, a few of us decided to find one of the places recommended on the local map guides, Eethuisje t' Neuzeke. The original plan was to get their fixed price 3-course menu for 11Euro but they ran out of it when we got in so we just ordered a la carte. I got the paardenstoofvlees which is a horse stew made with beer. It tasted similar to the carbonnade beef stew I tried in Brussels. I couldn't really taste much difference between horse meat and beef.
The calamari I got was not what I was expecting but was happily surprised when I bit into it. The squid was tender and yummy despite the crummy looking fry exterior.

Most everyone else went home after dinner but I opted for some late night adventure and went to go find some interesting sights in Antwerp.


I found the St. Anna Tunnel, a walking/biking tunnel that crosses underneath the Scheldt River. It was an interesting experience crossing and then getting a night view of Antwerp from across the river.

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