Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 29 - Eindhoven "Yeah that was my plan. I am Dutch"

First business of the day. We're leaving Brussels so I got a Belgian waffle for breakfast at Antwerpen-Centraal. I opted for the cold chocolate so I didn't have to get a tray. It was sweet, but obviously delicious.

When we arrived in Eindhoven, our rooms weren't ready yet so we first went to pick up our rented bicycles.

First trip was to scope out the city and we rode the longest distance possible across the city to get lunch at Restaurant Piet Hein Eek. Fresh mint tea and their delicious Indonesian Peanut Soup (coconut milk, bamboo shoots, carrot, roasted peanuts, spring onion) served with a crunchy papadum. YUM YUM.

These are shots of our digs in Eindhoven. It's not the nicest place (in actuality, the kitchen is really terrible).

Laundry adventure! We were having difficulties operating the machines at the coin-operated laundry retail shop. The signs weren't in English and the system wasn't clear. At one point, we were afraid we couldn't leave as the door was really sticky.

There was a Dutch guy at the laundry who helped us out in trying to figure out how to use the machines as well as understanding how the laundromat worked in terms of the hours since it closes at 9. When we deposited too much money into the dryer and realized it was too long, we pulled all our clothes out. We offered him the dryer as it still had plenty of time deposited left and he chided about how "that was my plan all along to take your money. I am Dutch after all".

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