Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 33 - Eindhoven Day 5 - Dual Interview Day "Why? How far do we go with this actual idea of needs. Do we need or we do desire?"

Dual interview day within Eindhoven loaded with so many ideas. It was a long day as our second interview at edhv ran long.

Our morning was rough as we had to ride our bicycles through the pouring rain to get to our first studio, Nacho Carbonell. The interview was awesome, Nacho is such an inspiring person with very clear ideas on asking hard questions of why. One of the strongest insights I got was from his rhetorical question of asking about why objects

"What I'm trying is to understand is probably this obsession that we have with objects and this necessity that we have with objects. I think we are in need of some things, but, why? How far do we go with this actual idea of needs? Do we need or we do desire?"

Our second interview was with Wendy Plomp and Remco van de Craats at the edhv studio. We were pretty drained as this interview was very long but we were given with such great insights. Wendy was so awesome, she talked to us about her involvement with the Dutch Invertuals and was kind enough to give us some Dutch Invertuals swag.
Remco gave us an in-depth explanation on edhv's process and the creation of their process books. Being able to visit a design studio and having someone share their studio's process is such a humbling experience. Asking them to take time out of their day to tell us what they do already feels like an intrusion into their work, but when they go the extra effort to tell their story and share a little bit about themselves and their knowledge, it's a heartwarming feeling of honest connection and respect.

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