Friday, May 03, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 7 - Neighbourhood Filming "You Don't Walk Like You're Chinese"

Today was filming day for my neighbourhood team. We went back to De Stadskantine to film our morning cafe scene with Kenneth drinking a coffee.

Working our way through De Pijp and filming the neighbourhood along with the Albert Cuypmarkt and HutSpot, and Café Flamingo. Élan did some biking shots, both riding the bike, as well as filming while riding on a bike. :D

Plotting our transition from De Pijp into East Amsterdam, we filmed in Oosterpark with the abundant wildlife. As we were wrapping up filming, a man asked us if we were Chinese, we told him we were Canadian and he was from Surinam and that we don't walk like Chinese people. "You walk different than Chinese people." "We are all human". It was a strange encounter, but friendly nonetheless. =D

Filming wrap up. We were tired and hungry and we decided to go for dinner back at De Stadskantine. Yum. Vivian and I both got the fish course, the lipvis met krabsaus en kokosrest, Élan got the kikkererwten tajine, and Kenneth got the hachee met witlofsalade. I don't know what most of it was, but all I know was they were DELICIOUS and each entree was only 8.85Euro.

Food Notes
-De Stadskantine is AWESOME. It's our go to place.

-Did I say how awesome De Stadskantine is?
-"You don't walk like you're Chinese"

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