Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 5 - Post Queen's Day "That was some good bosbossenclafoutis!"

Today was a relaxed day with most of the groep exercising and trying out the apartment-hotel's facilities. The pool is nice albeit a bit small, but the Turkish bath and steam rooms are really relaxing! WHOOP!

My neighbourhood team went to scope out the narrative approach and scout out some possible filming locations. We did some preliminary filming that we can probably use, but we are still planning our shots out. One cool cafe we did find in the De Pijp area is De Stadskantine. I tried out their daily soup the zucchini mint soup courgette munt soep. It definitely tasted interesting and I'd like to go back to try out the rest of their menu

Fun in the Sarphatipark


I can't get into too much detail but we scouted out the De Pijp and East Amsterdam area more to find possible locations. Today was a long walking day and we were really hungry when we finished. We went back to De Pijp to find food and went to the Kingfisher Cafe. I wanted to try their daily specials of chicken curry but they ran out when we tried to ask for it. We instead tried the Thai Beef and the Humus.

Kenneth and Viv got some beer while Elan and I got the fresh mint tea. I love this drink. I need to start growing my own fresh mint to make this at home. The little cookie they gave us with the mint tea was so good too. The inside of the cookie was filled with chocolate filling that tasted like Ferrero Rocher!

We were pretty satisfied with the food, though we were eyeing the dessert menu and we ordered 2 appeltaarts as soon as we finished our meals. Unfortunately, and I say fortunately :D, they told us they were out of apples. We thought about the other option on the menu, a banana cheesecake with chocolate bananencheesecake met chocola, but I was all over the one on the menu I didn't recognize, the bosbossenclafoutis. When I asked the waiter, he said "blueberry" and that was it. We went for that and when it came. Oh man.... SO DELICIOUS. I looked it up afterwards and it's actually a blueberry clafoutis (a type of French dessert). YUM.

I will come back for this, or at least try to find it elsewhere in Amsterdam!

Food Notes
-Zucchini and Mint soup. Interesting mixture
-Blueberry Clafoutis dessert from Kingfisher Cafe = YUM!

-Gotta go back to try more food at De Stadskantine.
-Blueberry Clafoutis. Oh man. So good.

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