Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 19 - Interviews Ineke Hans + Catalogtree "We're going to the carnival later."

Awesome day in Arnhem. Bright and early, leaving at 820 for the bus to Schiphol where we took the intercity train eastwards to Arnhem. It's a really quiet town which is a nice contrast to the other cities we have visited within the Netherlands.

The Arnhem Centraal station looks beautiful! It is designed by UNStudio and it feels nice to experience great architecture when travelling.

Our first interview of the day was Ineke Hans. She was very friendly and her studio felt like a playground and workshop combined into one. The chairs around the office are prototypes and I felt like a kid at a candy store sitting in trying out the different chairs. Her wall of books was a massive collection of design knowledge and every studio interview we go into I am in awe of each of their collections.

It's too bad this is probably our last product design studio interview because it was great to see actual prototype products lying around.

Eeeeh! Ineke was so nice that she gave Christine a signed copy of her book!

We were drained as we ran into our lunch hour so we took a break before our second interview by going to an ijssalon to get some delicious ice cream!

Second interview was a short walk from the Kerkplein square in front of Eusebiuskerk. Up next was Joris Maltha and Daniel Gross of Catalogtree. These guys were so awesome, they were having so much fun joking on camera and it helped to ease the team's stress from having a long double interview day.

When we were done the intervie, Joris invited us out to the carnival with rides that was a few blocks away (where we could constantly hear people screaming as we were doing the interview). All of us, minus Russell, went up on to the ride called Chaos along with Joris, while Daniel and Russell watched us from below.

We explored downtown Arnhem a little bit looking for the fashion and design store Coming Soon. There was only enough time for a few minutes as they were closing so we all had a quick walkthrough to see what products they had.

Mmmm... On our way back to the central station, Russell treated us to some fresh stroopwaffels at a local Arnhem bakery, Arnhem Meisjes.

Food Notes
-hmm, fresh stroopwaffels were nice
-ice cream = yum. Not sure what that flavor was, but it was delish. (The flavor I got had the logo from where we got the fresh stroopwaffels. I think it was some type of baked cookies inside the ice cream).

-that rollercoaster. Chaos. So much fun, but so dizzy.

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