Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 23 - Paris Day 1 "Hi. My name is George Clooney."

Today was a long travel day taking the train from Schiphol down to Paris Nord. We took the Thalys HSL that took a little over 3 hours.
It was pouring rain and it was really annoying when trying to walk around the city. 

For lunch, a few of us went to Cafe Du Centre as per Russ' recommendation for omelettes on the famous Rue Montorgueil. I got the omelette compl├Ęte which had potatoes, onions, cheese, mushrooms, and lardon served with a salad on the side. It was a huge portion, and it was delicious though I felt it was a little more watery than I expected.

 Our next stop was Trocadero where we checked out the Cite de l'architecture & du Patromonie. After that, our tour was cut short because of the continuing rain and we mostly just went home to go rest up.

Dinner was at a pho place as a lot of us were craving Asian food. We went to Dong Huong where it was interesting because Steven was able to talk to the manager in Vietnamese.

Afterwards, I went for some night photography at the Eiffel Tower with Kenneth, Joanne and Elan. It is a beautiful sight at night much more so in the day when it is lit up.
Funny story, some French kid in his teens came up to me and said "Hi. My name is George Clooney. What's your name?" I couldn't keep a straight face to respond so I just walked away chuckling.

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