Friday, May 31, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 35 - Eindhoven Day 7 "Open Your Windows!"

The Muziek Op De Dommel festival is taking place this weekend and it is taking place near our apartments at the Van Abbemuseum on a floating stage in the Dommel River in Eindhoven. The venue was close enough that someone said to "Open your windows!" and we could hear the music flowing in.

The tasting club took our first dinner at Radio Royaal in the Strijp-S area in Eindhoven. We were here to try out the restaurant before we chose a restaurant for our group dinner tomorrow. I got the 3-gangen menu or the 3-course menu as it is a great deal.

I always have lots of fun with menus with unfamiliar dishes, but it's always a delight looking at a menu in a completely foreign language so every dish is a surprise (though our waitress did walk us through to explain what most of the dishes were), as trying to interpret mystery menus without any help is always excites me.

pastramia van kalf met radijs, geschroeide zwaardvis en ansjovismayonaise
pastrami of veal with radish, seared swordfish and anchovy mayonnaise
vis (dagaanvoer)
daily fish (I don't remember what it was)
chocolade dessert
panna cotta met bloedsinaasappelmarmelade en limoen yoghurtmousse
panna cotta with blood orange marmalade and lemon yogurt mousse

omelette sibérienne met frambozencoulisSiberian omelette with raspberry coulis

This was easily one of the best meals I have had on the trip. Every dish was delicious, all courses were consistent in quality, taste and presentation. The ambience is a unique experience with the building being a former power plant. Turbines are still in place and the support beams are exposed giving a very industrial feel. Pushing the quirkiness of the environment even more, a wooden swing is installed along with a metal net badminton court. The open kitchen makes the process of cooking food very transparent and is representative of the Dutch mindset of openness.

Of course, as they offered panna cotta on the dessert menu I had to order it. I am usually disappointed with the blandness of panna cotta...BUT I was blown away and amazed by their version. This is by far the best panna cotta I have ever tasted.

Creamy texture of panna cotta + sweet tartness of blood orange marmalade + tartness of the lemon yogurt mousse = AMAZING!

I would come back just for that panna cotta, but everything on the menu is delicious. Though I will have to say the best cooking from this place are the desserts.

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