Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 32 - Eindhoven Day 4 - Exploring Eindhoven "Anytime's a good time for Herring!"

Today was a relax day to just chill out and explore the city. I went with a few others to check out a few design shops around the city. I didn't buy anything since I didn't see anything I really wanted, but it was still nice to look around.

Also checked out the Blob and 18 Septemberplein where there was the weekly Tuesday market was taking place and of course after seeing the fish stalls, we had to get some fresh fish to eat! We had some of the classic Dutch dish of haring or herring. Afterwards, we noticed some of the locals choosing the fried fish. We ordered one of the kibbelings with garlic cream sauce to share.
OH MAN. THIS WAS DELICIOUS. I should have more of this, but too bad this market is only open once a week.

We visited a design shop on Strijp-S called yksiwinkel. We were talking to the ladies working there and we realized we were talking to one of the Dutch Invertuals, Brit van Nerven. It is really interesting how small the design community in Eindhoven is and everybody knows everybody.

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